Stash Yarn Club is a seasonal knit and crochet subscription featuring hand dyed yarn, patterns and goodies. Its a yarn retreat in a box!

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I recently sent out our Winter 2020 yarn subscription boxes for Stash Yarn Club and wanted to share with you all the yarny goodness we stuffed inside them. 

If you don’t know, Stash Yarn Club is my seasonal knit and crochet subscription box. We send out a box only 4 times a year in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

In each box you get 3 skeins of hand-dyed yarn, a knit and crochet pattern, a few little goodies we think you’ll love, a hand-stamped project bag and a free download of our quarterly mini-mag Stash & Stitch. 

Pre-orders for Spring Boxes are on sale now! These will ship in March. There are limited spots available and the only way to guarantee a spot for future boxes is to sign up for a subscription.

I can’t give away details on what will be included in our Spring Boxes but I can tell you that the yarn will be speckled!! 

Winter 2020 Stash Yarn Club

Alright, let’s open up a winter box. 

Yarn from Summit Rd Fibers featured in Stash Yarn Club's Winter 2020 Box

First, we have this gorgeous semi-solid 100% Superwash Merino Dk weight yarn, dyed by Amy from Summit Rd Fibers. Each season we pick two different color combinations. For winter we picked this neutral light gray called “Keep it Simple” and paired it with either this peachy/coral pink called Savannah or this steely blue called “The Sky has Never Fallen”

If you want to see more of Amy’s lovely yarns, check her shop out here.

Stash Yarn Club 2020 Unboxing

There is also a cotton drawstring project bag. One of these comes in each seasonal box. I carve the stamps and print the bags myself. This season there were a few different geometric designs, a yarn ball and a sheep. I can’t wait until you see what I have up my sleeve for spring. 

Goodies in this box included a lovely hand-carved shawl stick from WoodenItBeLovelyTx, some handmade lip balm (this stuff is amazing!!) from Rock Bottom Soap Co and some little Mitten Stitch Markers made by Katrinkles

Want to keep up with all the Stash Yarn Club happenings? Sign up for our newsletter here (and get a 10% off coupon too!!)

The Featured Knit and Crochet Patterns

Apricity Knit Shawl | This center out triangle shawl features a lace detail down the spine and easy textured sections.

The Apricity Shawl is a center-out triangle-shaped shawl that features a lace detail down the spine and sections of simple texture. This was actually my very first knitting pattern!! Exciting right! Apricity is the name given to the warmth of the winter sun. I thought it was a fitting name for this shawl because of the warm peachy color and the fact that a shawl keeps you nice and warm.

The Hibernaculum Crochet Shawl is worked from the center out in a triangle shape. It features sections of easy stitches broken up by a lovely mesh.

The Hibernaculum Shawl is also a center-out triangle shaped shawl. This features simple double crochet ribbing broken up by a section of mesh stitch. This is one of those designs that practically wrote itself once I got going. I just had to hold on an let my hook work its magic. A hibernaculum is what the winter home of a hibernating animal is called. You’ll want to hibernate in this cozy shawl all winter. 

These 2 patterns are available for purchase on Ravelry as well as in the Stash Yarn Club shop

BONUS Mini-Magazine!

Stash & Stitch Winter 2020 | Stash Yarn Club's exclusive digital mini-magazine!

Last but not least is our new digital mini-mag, Stash & Stitch! I had so much fun putting this together. It includes both patterns from the winter box an interview with Amy from Summit Rd Fibers, some alternate pattern recommendations, and a few other fun little articles. This mini-mag is an exclusive freebie for all Stash Yarn Club subscribers. 

Do you like yarn mail? Sign up for an SYC Yarn Retreat Box Here! Spring boxes are on sale now. 

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Take a look at what was in the Stash Yarn Club Winter 2020 Yarn Retreat Box. Premium hand dyed yarns, exclusive knit and crochet patterns, a project bag and more!

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  1. I love my Winter box, thank you so much! It’s a great assortment of very useful stuff and it made me so happy to open it and go through it all. The mitten stitch markers are absolutely adorable.

    1. Aww you are so welcome Sati!! I’m so happy you loved it. 💖💖

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