Crocheting a sweater can be simple! Check out these easy crochet sweater patterns. They are perfect for your first crochet sweater project.

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Have you been searching for a simple crochet sweater pattern? These 5 easy crochet patterns are perfect to use on your first crochet sweater project. There are many different kinds of sweaters: cardigans, pullovers, shrugs, and more, the choices can seem overwhelming. I tried to pick just a few different patterns that feature basic construction, shapes (think rectangles), and stitches.

Tips for crocheting a sweater

Gauge is really important when you are making a garment such as a sweater. If your gauge does not match what the pattern states you may end up with a crochet sweater that is too big or too small. After you make your swatch and measure how many stitches and how many rows are in a specified area, usually 2 inches or 4 inches, you’ll be able to tell if you need to go up or down a hook size. Too many stitches/rows in your swatch mean you need to go up a hook size. Not enough stitches/rows mean you need to go down a hook size. Be sure to recheck your gauge if you needed to change your hook size.

Another tip is to use the yarn called for in the pattern OR a yarn with similar qualities. For example, if my pattern called for Caron Simply Soft, which is a worsted weight yarn, and I chose to use Caron One Pound instead, also a worsted weight yarn, my sweater size, and feel would be off because while these 2 yarns are technically the same weight, they are very different in thickness and feel. A better substitute for Caron Simply Soft would be Lion Brand Heartland.

Make Something Just for You

This crochet pattern round-up is part of our 2022 Crochet Challenge. You can find out all about this challenge here. The quick version is that I’ve given each month a theme and a goal to help you be more intentional with your crochet time and/or learn new skills. This month’s theme is ‘Just for You’ and our goal is to crochet something for yourself!

I asked about crochet goals in my Facebook group during the month of December and crocheting a sweater of some kind was at the top of the list for a lot of people. I decided to put this collection of easy crochet sweater patterns together just for you.

Crochet Sweater Patterns for Beginners

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I don’t think any easy crochet sweater pattern list would be complete without at least 1 pattern from Jess over at Make and Do Crew. This is the Habitat Cardigan and it is made from a simple rectangle. You really can’t go wrong with any of her sweater patterns though, so make sure you look around!

See the pattern here.

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This simple pullover pattern from Toni at TL Yarn Crafts can be made using basic stitches and features minimal shaping making it a perfect first crochet sweater pattern.

See the Pattern Here

Purchase the kit from Lion Brand Yarn

Photo Credit: Joy of Motion

Can you make a granny square? Yes! Well, then you can make this fun sweater from Joy of Motion.

See the pattern here.

Photo Credit: A Crocheted Simplicity

This crochet cardigan pattern from Jennifer at A Crocheted Simplicity has a classic look that will stand the test of time.

Get the Pattern Here.

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The Everygirl Sweater from Hooked on Homemade Happiness features self-striping yarn and easy construction. The body of the sweater is made from 2 rectangles sewn together and then sleeves are added last.

See the pattern here

I hope you enjoyed these beginner sweater crochet patterns! Which one is your favorite?

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