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Is your yarn stash getting a little out of control? Do you enjoy learning new stitches? If you answered yes to either of these questions keep reading to learn about our 2019 Stash-Busting Sampler Afghan Crochet Along (CAL).

If you’ve been here a little while you probably know about my love affair with learning new crochet stitches. So I came up with this fun idea to make a sampler afghan using a new crochet stitch for each square of the blanket.

I brought this project idea up to my Facebook group last week and everybody seamed really interested in participating. Which of course made me even more excited about it, so we are getting started right away.

You may purchase the entire printable crochet along on Ravelry! All 24 squares are included as well as the joining and border instructions. 

How does this crochet along work?

In total we will have 24- 12” squares each featuring a different crochet stitch pattern. I will publish 2 square patterns on my blog each month on Wednesdays for all of 2019 (I’ll put a schedule below). Each pattern will include written and photo instructions.

Part of what makes doing a CAL fun is sharing with other crocheters who are also participating. I invite you to join my crochet group on Facebook, this is a great place to share your progress, ask questions and participate in other fun yarny shenanigans.

At the end of 2019 we will join our squares and add a border.

Save the Stash Busting CAL Bundle to your Ravelry favorites! I will update the bundle with each square as its realeased.


  • #4 Worsted Weight Yarn
  • 5.5 mm Crochet Hook

No shopping is required for this CAL! Dive into that over flowing yarn stash and grab your favorite colors and get started.

A word of caution, be sure to use worsted weight yarns that have similar qualities. For example: Red Heart Super Saver, Bernat Super Value and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice would all work well together.

But I would not try and mix yarns like Caron Simply Soft with ones like Red Heart Super Saver. Your squares will end up not being the same size and the textures will be off too.

I will be using mostly Bernat Super Value with some Red Heart Super Saver and With Love Thrown in for mine.

I am not sure exactly how much yarn you will need for this project yet as I will be crocheting as we go along but just from doing a little research of other sampler afghans I am anticipating needing about 4500 yds. This not an exact number but will be a good starting point.

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24 Crochet Square Patterns, 24 Different Crochet Stitches all using worsted weight yarn from your stash. You will learn so much making this crochet sampler blanket.


Tentative Schedule

I will release a free square pattern on my blog every other Wednesday starting next Wednesday, January 16, 2019. As each square is released I will add the link to the schedule listed below to make them easy to find. .

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Materials and Info: Today

Square 1: Herringbone Half Double Crochet

Square 2: Diagonal Trip

Square 3: Boxed Block Stitch

Square 4: Sedge Stitch

Square 5: Paired Double Crochet

Square 6: Wide Checkers Stitch

Square 7: Granny Spike Stitch

Square 8: Tiny Flower Crochet Stitch

Square 9: Wattle Stitch

Square 10: Braided Crochet Stitch

Square 11: Crossed Cable Stitch

Square 12: Alpine Stitch (Raised Ripple Stitch)

Square 13: Star Stitch 

Square 14: C2C Double Crochet Square

Square 15: Aligned Cluster Stitch

Square 16: Half Double Crochet V-Stitch

Square 17: MIxed Cluster Stitch

Square 18: Grit Stitch 

Square 19: Vertical Filet Stitch

Square 20: Mitered Square

Square 21: Linen Stitch

Square 22: Cluster V-Stitch

Square 23: Bobble Stitch (Blackberry Salad)

Square 24: Interlocking Shell Stitch

Joining and Border Instructions

Join the crochet group on Facebook and show us what colors and yarns you’re using!! I can’t wait to see all your pretty squares.

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  1. I just purchased the 2019 after learning about the 2021 one. Is there one for 2020 that was completed that we can complete??

  2. I jut recently found this group and the 2021 cal is there is 2020 version?? I purchased the 2019 this morning to work on that one in between the 2021 but would love to see if there is a 2020 one as well. 🙂

  3. Linda greer says:

    Husband erased my patterns and cannot find again paid for patterns can I get again

  4. MaryClaire Lynch-Spevacek says:

    I can’t find the joining instructions (sc, ch 1) on Dedri’s post. Please explain it.
    Also, how are the blocks joined diagonally?

    1. All the instructions are in Dedris post. You might have to scroll down a little. It isnt formatted like a written pattern. It’s a photo tutorial with instructions under each photo.

  5. Pamela Inskeep says:

    I got sick and had to stop aftwr the 4th or 5th square. I plan on picking up again after Christmas. Hope to do another CAL in 2020.

    1. I hope you’re doing better! Yes I have another CAL planned for after the first of the year. 😊

  6. Is there a picture of your completed afghan somewhere? I’m late on starting mine but the squares work up quickly. I’m making 3 a day! Thanks for making the patterns available for free!

  7. Sheila J. Junk says:

    Will this be available after it’s finished? I just stumbled across it and would like to work on it throughout the winter as I don’t have time right now (getting ready for some craft shows).

    1. Yes it is forever free on my blog or there is a pdf available for purchase.

  8. Are you going to do a CAL next year. I hope so. It sounds like fun

    1. Yes!! I have one in the planning stages now. 😊🥰

  9. I understand there is a correction to #20 but I do not have it. How can I get it? Will the correction be sent to members. Thanks for your help. I was very unhappy with my square (?) even after multiple froggings and I need to begin yet again but I want to have the correction first. Thank you! Mary

  10. I just saw this and started yesterday with block 18. My gage is smaller but doesn’t matter. ran out of yarn before I finished the yarn. Was wondering if I could just make the other squares the same number of rows even though this is not a square and join them to make an afghan or blanket.

  11. I just stumbled across this CAL a week ago, so I’m extremely behind but I’m looking forward to this! I’ve only done scarves and an amigurumi, so this will definitely help me stretch my crochet legs.

    Is it still possible to get added to the Facebook group?

    Thank you for doing this!

  12. I know I’m a little behind, but I just finished reorganizing my yarn stash so now that everything’s visible and arranged nicely, I’m ready to tackle this CAL! I’ve never done one before, but I have completed “scrapghans” before. I’ve got a road trip coming up and I’ll be taking these patterns along! Thank you!

  13. Deb Harrah says:

    I stumbled across this CAL this week. It looks like a lot of fun! I’M excited to start. But I’M doing a CAL for a cause right now, so will have to fit it in around that.

  14. Um, just curious – June 19 was a week ago – I know life can happen and it might be late, but where is block 12?

  15. Alicia Cooper says:

    Hi! Just wondering if square 12 is on its way soon. Thank you!

  16. Hi. I’m loving these squares. Is there going to be a square #7? You have dates listed for #6 and #8, but no 7. These stitch patterns have so many possibilities. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

    1. Yes there is I must have missed it when I was typing it out. Whoops!

      1. I still don’t see a block 7 and never got an email for it. Waiting with hook in hand.

  17. I’ve been lookin daily for the pattern to show on the tbd list. Will it be coming soon?

    1. I just linked it, thank you for reminding me!

  18. Hi, I’d love to join this CAL and use up some of my stash. However it is mostly baby dk. I guess that will be fine so long as I use the right size hook? It will just be a smaller finished piece. Is that correct?

    I want to join a current Cal and enjoy being part of a group doing the same. I am a beginner so I’m looking forward to trying the different stitches. I’m not worried what the overall blanket size will be so long as it looks pretty and I will be able to achieve uniform sized squares using DK.

  19. Hi Zakia,

    If my square is not large enough, I add more rounds to the border. Don’t let mom-in-law discourage you, add another round!

    Impatiently awaiting today’s square,

  20. I am doing the square I am frustrated some seem slightly bigger than the other. I was going to quite but my mother in law told be I was not going to complete the cal cause I like immediate reward. Can it be fixed when joining together. Words of encouragement needed

  21. I am in! I’ve been trying to clear up my stash so I could start over fresh. So happy to have found this. Hope I found this early enough to get all patterns.

  22. Sorry, had an emergency and had to travel. Going to do first block but video has been removed

  23. Look forward to being a part of this. My passed away three years ago and left back bins and bins and bins of yard I believe was acquired from her garage and estates sales. This will be made in her memory. Thank you for this crochetalong!

  24. Fiona Kingston says:

    Do you know what worsted weight is in English wool please? Double knit or maybe Aran? Thank you.

  25. Renee Annett says:

    Hi 🙂 has the pattern been posted or emailed out?

    1. Not yet! 🙂 It will be out by noon EST.

  26. Jessica Blattler says:

    Do you send any that we may have missed?

    1. Nope, you haven’t missed anything! The first pattern will be out on Wednesday.

  27. Jeanne Kallberg says:

    Would Caron Big Cakes work or is solid colors suggested?

    1. I think caron big cakes would work great!

    1. Alicia Cooper says:

      Hi! Just wondering if square 12 is on its way soon. Thank you!

      1. Its there, I just havent updated the link yet. Click to the home page and it will be the first post that pops up.

  28. I’m a beginner i hope i can keep up

  29. Judy van der Merwe says:

    Hi… will you also send the link to the pattern via email?

      1. Judy van der Merwe says:

        Thanks…. I not always on FB and wouldn’t want to miss something. I am so excited!

  30. Val Williams says:

    I’m so excited!

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