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I am so happy you are here! I am excited to share my passion for crocheting with you. On this site you will find my original designs and other various crochet resourses…. all for free. 


I started crocheting 5 years ago when I needed a present for a baby shower. I wanted it to be meaningful but didn’t have lot of money to spend. I settled on a baby football hat. So I bought a hook and some brown and white yarn and got to work.

A few You-Tube consultations, lots of googling and a few phone calls to grandma I had it figured out… or so I thought. I discovered when I started my second project that I did the stitch completely wrong for that little football hat.  Instead of double crochets I had done half double crochets!

Soon I tried the Etsy shop thing… which was not for me… (Kudos to all you makers out there!) Then, because I have a hard time following directions (see story above haha) I started making my own designs. I have been tossing this blog idea around in my head for a couple years now. I feel so blessed that my dream is finally becoming a reality.   

Whats in a name?

The Unraveled Mitten is a little play on words. My husband always jokes that I pull apart more projects then I actually make… he’s right by the way… so any ball of yarn at my house could have actually been an unraveled mitten at one point in time. Plus I live in the mitten state. 


A few things about me…

  • My name is Heather. I am a thrity-something stay at home mom to 3 little girls and am married to my highschool sweetheart (we’ve been together 15 years this year…what?!?!) 
  • Besides crochet, I love to garden, read and bake
  • I want a farm… but for now I will settle for my 3 chickens.
  • We live in northern Michigan near Lake Huron. 
  • I love sunrises
  • I eat way to much ice cream (Please tell me I’m not the only one)
  • I can and freeze all of the produce from our garden…which is exhausting and super rewarding. Love to know where our food comes from
  • I went to school to be an LPN but should have gone for accounting.. budgets, number, math are my jam
  • Music is my love language. I may not always be able to say what I mean but you better believe I can find a song that says it for me. 
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