Springtime Square by Rich Textures Crochet - This is block 6 of our 2023 Stash-Busting Crochet Along. Join us this year and make a keepsake your family will cherish for years to come.

This is block #6 of our 2023 Stash Busting Crochet Along Sampler. This week, our featured designer is Sarah from Rich Textures Crochet. 

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Photo Credit: Rich Textures Crochet

Here is the original square made by Sarah. Mine is pictured below.

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Keep reading to see my notes. The link for the pattern is at the bottom of this post.


This square was fun! There are a lot of post stitches, regular double or single crochet as well as puff stitches.

Sizing: When I got to the last 2 rows of my square, I was afraid that it would end up going over the 12 inches so Instead of double crochets I did single crochets. After that, my square was 11.5 inches square. I have not blocked it yet, as it lays pretty flat, but I plan to.

Here’s What I did: I will outline my color changes and any notes I have for each row below.

Remember though, you are working on YOUR blanket. If you don’t want to change color where I did, then please don’t. My notes and color changes below are not hard and fast rules.

Rnd 1: Cafe Latte

Rnd 2-3 Real Teal

Rnd 4: Buff

Rnd 5: Cafe Latte

Rnd 6-7: Tea Leaves

Rnd 8-10: Cafe Latte

Rnd 11: Buff

Rnd 12-15: Real Teal

Rnd 16: Buff – For this round I replaced all bpdc and dc stitches with bpsc and sc. 

Rnd 17: Buff – For this round I just did single crochet all the way around, with a (sc, ch 1, sc) in each corner stitch.


CLICK HERE to see this week’s pattern at Rich Textures Crochet.

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As a reminder, these patterns are not mine. If you would like the purchase the PDF, most designers have them available in their shops. Also, is up to the designer to decide if she wants to publish a video or photo tutorial for the specific pattern. It is illegal for me to make a video of someone else’s pattern.

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