2023 Crochet Along Block 5 - Pop Up Square by Underground Crafter

This is block #5 of our 2023 Stash Busting Crochet Along Sampler. The Pop-Up Square was designed by Marie from Underground Crafter. It features some textured crochet stitches and is worked on point.

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2023 Crochet Along Block 5 - Pop Up Square by Underground Crafter

Here is the original square by Marie. Mine is pictured below.

2023 Crochet Along Block 5 - Pop Up Square by Underground Crafter

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Keep reading to see my notes. The link for the pattern is at the bottom of this post.


I have never made a square in this style before, so when Marie sent me the pattern, I was so excited to get started. It was actually straightforward! There were a couple of rounds at the beginning that needed my full attention to get the count correct (I’ll make a note below) but after that, it was smooth sailing. 

Sizing: I omitted round 7 on the final outside square and skipped directly to round 8 because it was getting to the size I needed, so keep a close eye on your measurements at the end.  It ended up being 11.5in x11.5in. After I block it, it will be 12 inches square. 

Remember it is ok to remove or add more rounds at the ends of your squares to make them the correct size. All your squares need to be close to the same size (within a 1/2 inch or so) to join without ripples.

Here’s What I did: I will outline my color changes and any notes I have for each row below.

Remember though, you are working on YOUR blanket. If you don’t want to change color where I did, then please don’t. My notes and color changes below are not hard and fast rules.

Inner Square

Rnd 1-4: Real Teal – Keep a close count while doing rounds 3 and 4. It is easy to get it mixed up. 

Rnd 5-6: Buff

Second Square (Triangles worked in rows)

This whole section I did in Tea Leaves

Outer Square

Rnd 1: Tea Leaves

Rnd 2-3: Buff – The trebles worked in round 2 will pop out to the back of the square but the FPSC stitches in round 3 will bring them forward. 

Rnd 4-5: Real Teal

Rnd 6 & 8 (remember I omitted rnd 7, you may not need to do that): Cafe Latte


CLICK HERE to see this week’s pattern on Underground Crafter.

As a reminder, these patterns are not mine. If you would like the purchase the PDF, most designers have them available in their shops. Also, is up to the designer to decide if she wants to publish a video or photo tutorial for the specific pattern. It is illegal for me to make a video of someone else’s pattern.

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