winter waves cal part 3

It’s time for part 3 of our Winter Waves Throw Blanket Crochet Along! We started this quilt-inspired crochet throw just a couple of weeks ago. You can find all the information and materials here.

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Block Layout and Count

Winter Waves Throw Blanket Crochet Along | The Unraveled Mitten

Part 3 is another square panel number 2 of 4. This panel uses the same squares you learned for panel 1. Each block will again be a combination of your main neutral and one of our 4 coordinating colors.

Panel #2 Blocks

-16 blocks total

-4 of each color

Sound familiar? Each of the 4 square panels we are making will use the same block count if you want to work ahead.

You can find the square pattern here

Blocking your square is optional but I find it helpful.

Here is this week’s layout

I settled on a herringbone pattern for this one. Your neutral square halves will butt up to another neutral and your color halves will butt up to another color half of the same color. This will help the herringbone pattern be more obvious. I made the chart in 2 colors so you can choose your owl color layout.

White = main color

Purple – coordinating colors

Winter Waves CAL Panel 3 Layout

Whipstitch your squares together using your main neutral color. You can find a tutorial here.

After you sew them together, move on to the border

Panel Border

Using MC and 6mm hook. Join yarn in any corner, sc evenly around placing 3 sc in each corner ch-2. Join to top of 1st sc with sl st. Finish off and weave in ends.

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Winter Waves Granny Square Throw Blanket Crochet Along | The Unraveled MItten

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  1. I am not working on the winter CAL because I have too much catching-up to do on 2019 CAL, which I love. I have been sick and unable to keep up. But I am saving the patterns for a later time. Please keep me active. I love getting back to crocheting after being away some 20 years! E. G.

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