Who’s ready for our new crochet along? We are changing things up a bit this year, we aren’t going to be doing a stitch sampler. What we are going to be doing is a quilt sampler! 

This will actually be a series of three different throw blankets. They are all going to use a half square triangle (HST) block similar to what is pictured above. There are infinite ways to arrange and make these fun squares (Like this wall hanging!). I thought doing this crochet-along series would be the perfect way to showcase that. 

Edit 2021: This crochet along is finished but you can still find the parts to this pattern linked below!

How Does This Crochet Along Work?

Winter Waves Crochet Along | Free Crochet Pattern | The Unraveled Mitten

The Winter Waves throw is made up of 4 different wide quilt panels. Each panel will be separated by rows of textured stitches. I am keeping the final design a mystery until we are all done. Each week (starting next week) I will release the new square panel layout or row panel stitch pattern depending on where we are at in the CAL. 

There is a schedule below but this blanket will take us about 8 weeks to complete. 

Part of what makes doing a CAL fun is sharing with other crocheters who are also participating. I invite you to join my crochet group on Facebook, this is a great place to share your progress, ask questions and participate in other fun yarny shenanigans.

Print + Crochet in Comfort

You can find an AD-FREE printable version of this crochet pattern in my shop. It includes each section of the CAL all nicely formatted into one document. You can print it out or use it digitally on your devices.

You can also find this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy

Materials You Need For the Winter Waves Crochet Along

Winter Waves Crochet Along Color Scheme
  • #4/worsted weight yarn – Red Heart with Love
  • 6mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

I am using Red Heart with Love in the colors: Stone, Peacock, Aubergine, Iced Aqua and Charcoal. These are the approximate amounts of each color

  • 840 yds (3 skeins) of Stone (main neutral color) 
  • 370 yds (1 skein) each of Peacock, Aubergine, Iced Aqua and Charcoal

When you are choosing your colors you need one neutral main color and 4 other coordinating colors. You will use 2 full skeins of your main color plus a small portion of the 3rd skein.

Need to order your yarn online? Get it here from Love Crafts. 

The Story Behind the Pattern

Winter Waves Crochet Along | The Unraveled Mitten

If you don’t already know I live in Michigan I’ve never lived more than 20 miles from one of the Great Lakes for my entire life. My husband does log home repair and he’s been working at a house along the shore of Lake Michigan for the past couple of months. Our girls like to see what he’s doing during the day so he usually sends us a video and oh my is it brutal out there this time of year! Big waves, high winds plus all the shoreline erosion happening now because the lake water is high. This blanket is an ode to Lake Michigan and all her beauty and power. 

Crochet Along Links to Each Section

I will update this post with the links to each section as it is released so be sure to bookmark this post! A new section will be posted each Wednesday for the next 8 weeks.

1/9/20: Materials and Info (that’s today!)

1/15/20: Half Square Triangle (HST) tutorial and panel #1 (part 1)

1/22/20: Divider panel #1 (part 2)

1/29/20: HST panel #2 (part 3)

2/5/20: Divider panel #2 (part 4)

2/12/20: HST panel #3 (part 5)

2/19/20: Divider Panel #3 (part 6)

2/26/20: HST panel #4 (part 7)

3/4/20: End panels and border (part 8)

Here is the finished blanket!

Geometric two-tone granny squares standout in this fun crochet pattern inspired by the Great Lakes in Winter.

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    1. I think it would turn out a little small. I believe 10ply is more like worsted weight. If you did want to use the 8 ply, I would use a hook size your yarn recommended and add more rounds to the squares until they are the right size. So yes it can be done, but I am unsure in the yardage you would need.

  1. LOVE IT!

    Looking forward to this. I didn’t quite finish last year’s…WIP I guess or maybe just some fun stitch learning. We will see. LOL. But this new project is intriguing. Thank you!

  2. Would this design be appropriate for stash yarn, (more than the 4 colors) as long as the neutral remained the same? Would it look right with multiple colors? What will be the approximate finished size?

  3. Hi Heather…..totally enjoyed CAL for 2019 and can’t wait to get started on 2020. Question: Are the materials listed only for the first of 4 blankets or for the entire quilt along for the year?

  4. So very excited. This means I have to put my second blanket from th 2019 CAL together. Thank you for your wonderful CAL!

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