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Crochet Blanket Border Inspiration

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Pull your latest crochet blanket project together with one of these stunning crochet borders or edgings

There are so many different crochet blanket borders to choose from, which is nice, but it can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. This happens to me a lot, which is why a lot of the time I end up either doing no border or a simple round of single crochet. 

I wanted to put together this post to give you a few borders or edging ideas that will work with just about any crochet blanket. Sidenote: Do you call it a border or edging? Tell me in the comments! 

Keeping it Even

The biggest challenge to doing a border is keeping it even. This isn’t as challenging if you are doing a granny square project but if your blanket is done in rows it gets a bit more tedious and tricky. I’m going to let you in on my secrets for crocheting evenly around your blanket.

Crochet a base round of single crochet in the main color of your blanket. This creates a nice clean edge to work your crochet border into. Don’t forget to make 3 sc in each corner!

Take your time and evaluate your work as you go along. If your stitches are too far apart they will pucker if they are too close together they will ripple. 

When you are working along the raw edge of your blanket, crochet through the stitch, not around it. Speaking of that raw edge, I don’t know how many times I’ve pulled out a border because it was rippling/puckering and just not even. It was so frustrating to me! Then I learned this little rule of thumb. 

The last stitch of the row will tell you how to keep your single crochet base edge even. Say what?! It’s easy.

Working along the raw edge of your blanket, if the last stitch of the row ends with:

  • Single Crochet: make 1 single crochet through that stitch
  • Half Double Crochet: (this one is more tricky): make 3 single crochets over 3 rows – I usually do 2 in one row and 1 in the next
  • Double Crochet: make 2 single crochets

This is just a general rule and doesn’t always work out perfectly depending on the stitch pattern used in your blanket but it is a good place to start. 

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5 Crochet Blanket Border Patterns

Add this easy crochet blanket edging to your next project. This crochet ribbing uses front and back post crochet stitches to create an interesting by simple border.

Ribbed Border: This uses front and back post double crochets to make a fun and textured border. 

Very Berry Baby Blanket | Free Easy Crochet Pattern | The Unraveled Mitten

Ruffle Border: I used this border on a baby blanket a couple of years ago. The link will take you to the pattern, scroll down for the border instructions

Linen Stitch Crochet Blanket Border

Linen Stitch Border: The linen stitch border stripe options are endless. It makes a flat pattern and would be a really nice contrast on a textured blanket. 

Camel Stitch Border on a Crochet Blanket

Camel Stitch Border from Winding Road Crochet: Make half double crochets in the third loop for this easy crochet blanket border

Windows border on crochet blanket

Windows Border from Moogly: This border pattern creates a really neat graphic look!

You could even go the no-border route and add some fringe to both ends of your crochet blanket. I wouldn’t do this if it was a baby blanket though. 

I hope you found these crochet border suggestions and tips for crocheting evenly around helpful. 

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Easy Borders for Crochet Blankets

Crochet Evenly Around like a Pro!


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