Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite ways to join granny squares. One thing that made me hesitate about crocheting granny square blankets in the past was the fact that I thought you had to sew them together. Then I discovered that you could crochet them together! No sewing required. 

Tips for Joining Granny Squares

Make sure your squares are the same size, stitch count doesn’t matter so much because you can usually fudge that by skipping a stitch here and there. To get your squares to lay flat and all be the same size, I recommend blocking them. 

I pin them out on a blocking board and hit them with my garment steamer. Just don’t steam them too much if you’re using acrylic yarn because you’ll “kill” it.. aka take all the elasticity out of it. 

Before you start joining your granny squares lay them out in the order/design you want and take a picture with your phone so you know how you want it to go. Also, it helps to put your squares in piles separated by row with the first square that needs to be joined on top and the last on the bottom. I label mine with a sticky note. This doesn’t matter so much if all your squares are the same. 

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Granny Square Joining Methods

These methods would work well with our Up North Throw Relaxed Summer Crochet Along!

Join for granny squares

(Sc, Ch 1, Skip 1) Join: This is the join I use most often. When using this technique you’ll have a slightly raised seam on the backside of your work and the front will look like little stitches or dashes. I like to crochet this join in a contrasting color to my squares so those little “stitches” stand out. If you use the same color as the last round of your granny squares to join with, those little stitches blend in and make it look like a tiny braid. 

Single Crochet Join for Granny Squares

Single Crochet Join: I like this method of joining granny squares because it creates a nice raised seam. And it’s easy! Just single crochets the whole way. The seam on this one is nice and sturdy too. It would be a good option for something that gets a lot of use. 

zig zag join for granny squares


Zig Zag Join: This is one I haven’t tried but has been on my list! Slip stitches are used to create a neat zig-zag pattern. Instead of crocheting through stitches on your squares at the same time you alternate between the squares slip stitching through one stitch at a time on each. This one has a really helpful video tutorial too. To me, it looks like the seam on this one is relatively flat and not bulky.

Zipper Join for Granny Squares

Flat or Zipper Join: This is another one I haven’t tried. It creates a nice flat seam with a clean line. This one is a little fiddly (like the zig-zag join) and may take a little more time to complete. Also, watch your tension with this one. It’s easy to do slip stitches too tight. I would go up a hook size for the joining so you don’t have any ripples. 

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Join your granny squares without sewing by using one of these easy techniques!


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  1. Thank you for this post!
    The blanket squares are all done. They are sorted into rows inside freezer bags for protection.
    The picture of the layout is on my phone. The colour for the attachment is chosen and in the box with the squares.
    But….they have not yet been joined because I was just couldn’t face whip stitching all those squares together by the time I had finished making them. The blanket will be 60inches by 72 inches before edging.
    Thanks to the information you have provided here I think I may be able to open that box and change it from a WIP to a completed project.

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