Get your pattern stash under control this month! Join us while we declutter our crochet patterns and get them organized once and for all.

I’m convinced that collecting patterns and crocheting them are 2 different hobbies.

I’ve got patterns everywhere, printed out, saved on Pinterest, random downloads on my computer, Ravelry… everywhere. I want to help you put some order to your pattern chaos.

Decluttering Your Crochet Patterns

This is step number one and is also completely optional. If you want to keep all the patterns, then you should! However, if you are feeling overwhelmed with the number of crochet patterns you have in various places then it’s completely ok to let them go.

Some of them are easy and some might take more time. For example, all the ones I’ve saved on Facebook are just getting deleted but the ones in my Ravelry library that I’ve possibly paid for will get a little more thought. Who knows you might just come across your next project!

Once that is finished next week we will start organizing!

Since most people have a mix of patterns (pdf’s and links) that they store digitally and printed, I’ll be covering both of those topics. Next week, we will start with organizing your printed crochet patterns (I’ll have a free printable for you!!)  and then move on to digital ideas.

If you have any questions about organizing patterns let me know in the comments!

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