Camel Stitch Crochet Blanket Border Tutorial

The camel stitch blanket border is made entirely of half-double crochet stitches. Each stitch is worked into the 3rd loop or back bar of the half double crochet to create this fun pattern.

We have arrived at the end of our 2022 Stash Busting Crochet Along. It’s time to finish off our blankets with a border!

If you are new here, all this year we have been working on a row-by-row crochet stitch sampler throw. We have learned approximately 30 new stitches to use on future projects and now have a beautiful keepsake too. While this CAL is over this blanket pattern is not going anywhere, so you can start anytime! Find out all the details here.

Crochet Border Tips and Tricks

The biggest complaint I see when it comes to crocheting a border on a blanket is when it ripples. I have a trick for getting those even edges.

Step 1. Accidentally use a smaller hook than you did on the entire project. Just kidding, although I really did that. My border turned out really nice and straight and I think using that smaller hook actually helped. I wrote it up that way in the written pattern below. You can use the 5.5mm hook if you want to though and I’m sure you’ll have success with that too.

Ok, on to my tip for crocheting evenly around. This is your base layer of the border and if you get this spot on your whole border will turn out nice.

When you are crocheting down the raw edge, look at each row end and place stitches according to the list below.

  • If the last stitch of the row is:
    • Sc: place 1 stitch
    • Hdc: 3 stitches for every 2 hdc in row
    • Dc: 2 stitches

This is not exact, however. Just take your time and if it starts to look wonky or wavy or is pulling rip it back and reposition some stitches. You can do it.

Half Double Crochet in the 3rd Loop

Did you know there is a 3rd loop on the half double crochet stitch? This is sometimes called the back bar half double crochet. Crocheting into this loop pushes the top ‘V’ forward and creates this look.

If you look at your half-double crochet stitch, you’ll see the top ‘V’ you usually crochet into. Then, if you tilt it toward you a little bit, you’ll see the back bar or 3rd loop.

This is where you’ll make your half double crochet

Materials and Important Information

  • Your chosen worsted-weight yarn – approximately 1 oz or 64 yds per round
  • 5mm crochet hook – HOOK CHANGE
    • I changed hooks accidentally. If you would like to use a 5.5mm hook for the border please feel free. Your yarn totals needed will be a little different though.
  • Scissors and yarn needle

My border is 2 inches wide with 6 rounds.


  • US Terminology
  • St(s): stitch(es)
  • Ch(s): chain(s)
  • Hdc: half double crochet
  • Sl st: slip stitch

General Notes

Each border round used 1oz or 64 yards of yarn. I used 6 colors, 1 on each round, for a total of 384 yds

Colors used in order: golden beige, classic gray, plum, green lagoon, smoke, misty blue

Ch 1 does not count as a stitch

The border is worked in joined rounds

I did 6 rounds because my other 4 colors didn’t have enough to go a full round, but you could use all your small scraps and just change color where ever the end comes within the round.

Camel Stitch Crochet Border Tutorial

Rnd 1: Join yarn in any corner, Ch 1, hdc evenly around placing (hdc, ch 2, hdc) in each corner. Join to top of 1st hdc with sl st.

Rnd 2-6: Ch 1, working in 3rd loop (back bar) – see photos – hdc around placing (hdc, ch 2, hdc) in each corner ch-2 space. Join to top of 1st hdc with sl st.

Here is a photo of my finished blanket:

Our 2023 Crochet Along will be starting in January! More info will be coming in the coming month or so but in the meantime, be sure that you are signed up for my email newsletters. You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

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