The double waffle stitch is a highly textured crochet stitch that works up thick and cozy using regular and front post double crochet stitches.

For as long as I can remember my Grandma has had a cream-colored afghan on her couch (or Davenport as they used to call it) and it uses this stitch. I couldn’t find instructions anywhere online for this stitch so I took a picture of Grandma’s blanket and figured it out on my own. I’m unsure if there is an official name for it but I am calling it the Double Waffle Stitch.

This stitch has MAJOR texture, my little sample was at least ¾ inch thick! Usually, when you work with post stitches you are either working the post stitches only on the right side of your piece or using a combo of front and back post stitches. This uses a front post double crochet on both the right and wrong sides, making it SUPER thick.

double waffle stitch | free crochet tutorial | the unraveled mitten

I already know that this would make a great afghan. You could take this to the next level by using some super bulky yarn to make a throw! I also think it would do a fantastic job as a dish scrubber or washcloth, scarf or hat.

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Double Waffle Crochet Stitch Tutorial


  • Ch(s): chains
  • Dc: Double Crochet
  • FPDC: Front post double crochet
  • St(s): Stitch(es)


  • Ch 2 does not count as a stitch
  • Ch a multiple of 5 + 2 more

Row 1: Ch a multiple of 5 + 2 more, dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. Turn

Double waffle crochet stitch | the unraveled mitten

Row 2: Ch 2, Dc in same st as ch 2. FPDC in next 3 sts, *Dc in next 2, FPDC in next 3 sts. Repeat from * across. Dc in last st. Turn

Double Waffle Crochet Stitch Tutorial | The Unraveled Mitten

Row 3: Ch 2 Dc in same st as ch 2 and in next 3, *FPDC in next 2, Dc in next 3 sts. Repeat from * across. Dc in last st. Turn

Double Waffle Crochet Stitch Tutorial | The Unraveled Mitten

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your piece reaches the desired size.

2024 Crochet Along: Square 6

This is the 6th stitch of the Terrific Textures Crochet Along! This is a year-long CAL running here on The Unraveled Mitten, we are learning a new textured crochet stitch every week other week. Around the end of October, we will join our stitch sampler squares into a cozy blanket.

You can find more info here.

Pre-Order the Entire Pattern Here

You can purchase a pre-order of the Terrific Textures CAL in my shops. Each time a square is released you will automatically receive the PDF copy of that pattern.

You can find written instructions for this stitch above. You’ll notice the instructions are written so you can use this stitch elsewhere besides this CAL. My notes on how I made my 12-inch square are listed below.

  • 110 yds worsted weight yarn- Red Heart with Love used in sample
  • Gauge: 7 sts x 5 rows = 2 in in pattern stitch
  • Finished Square before blocking: 10 in x 10 in
    • IMPORTANT:I am aiming to keep all my squares’ stitch counts around the same number (35-38 ish) to make joining easy. Last year’s blanket had big differences in stitch counts and I found a lot of rippling happening on the join. This square is very stretchy. I don’t anticipate any problem joining it to the rest of the squares, even though it is a couple of inches smaller. If you want to make this stitch to 12 inches you’ll have to increase the starting chain number from what I did or do more border rounds.
    • Keep in mind a square that is a little smaller than 12 inches is a lot easier to work with in the joining stage than a square larger than 12 inches.

This is what I did:

  • Ch 37 to start
  • Follow stitch instructions above until your square is square, for me this was 24 rows. After final row do not finish off. Move on to border

Border Instructions: Do not finish off. Working on front side of square, ch 1, sc evenly around placing (sc, ch 2 sc) in each corner space. Join to top of 1st sc with sl st. Finish off weave in ends. Block to 12 inches. **Square should have the same number of stitches on each side.

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  1. As a long time crocheter I now tend to use various stitches in all the many small projects I do ( cowls, hats, fingerless mitts , earwarmers and scarves ). But I’ve been looking for that one Special Stitch for Afghans. The waffle stitch attracted me , but it was your Double Waffle Stitch that won me over ! I’m leaving now to get Caron Yarn to make an afghan for my nephew . Thank you !! 77 yrs old here and still in love with the fiber art of crochet .

  2. Can this pattern be worked with two different colors? As in having the ribbed portion one color and having the “inner” part of the waffle stitch another color?

  3. 😳This is AWESOME!💟

    🥰I love the WF and u have definitely upped the game!
    This would b great as a trivet if u used cotton! 🤔

    😩Can’t wait to finish this graphghan, that has become the💪🏾bane of my existence!😡
    🤷🏽‍♀️LOL anyways thanks for sharing!!

    Do u have a channel??

  4. I would like a tutorial on: Crazy Stitch, Slanted Shell Stitch, Brock Stitch, and the Cabbage Stitch. Is it possibe I can get these?

  5. Will U be doing a video that shows this stitch? I seem to learn best from visual examples. UTube has taught me many patterns I was sure I would never accomplish! Thank U for the Many Beautiful patterns U produce! Those of us who R not creative Thank U! God Bless!

  6. Thank You for sharing this pattern. I made a afghan for my Brother’s Birthday and it turned out beautiful! I posted a picture on Pinterest.

    1. Tge back will look the opposite of the front. So the stitches that are raised on the front will be recessed on the back and vise versa.

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