Block #7 of the 2021 Stash Busing Crochet Along. This week's square was designed by Grace and Yarn.

Today’s square was designed by Stephanie from Grace and Yarn. The Willamette Valley Square is worked from the corner out in a mitered square shape.

This is block #7 of our 2021 Stash Busting Crochet Along. 

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Block #7 of the 2021 Stash Busing Crochet Along. This week's square was designed by Grace and Yarn.
Photo Credit: Grace and Yarn

Here is the original square made by Stephanie. I love the color she picked for her square! Mine is pictured below. I wanted to use all 4 of my colors so I chose to do a striped pattern.

Block #7 of the 2021 Stash Busing Crochet Along. This week's square was designed by Grace and Yarn.

Pattern Notes

I was excited to make another mitered square. We did one of these in the 2019 CAL. This pattern has alternating rows of texture created by post stitches and rows of simple filet openwork.

Sizing: I ended my square after row 19 and skipped to the border because I was almost at the correct size. If you need to end your square early make sure it is on an odd row so that the border is on the correct side. Even rows are the “right” or front side.

Helpful Links: Post Stitches Tutorial, How to Read Crochet Patterns

Here’s what I did: Stephanie’s pattern is really well written and easy to understand. She also has some helpful photos to guide you. Be sure to read her notes and pattern abbreviations.

The only thing I did differently in this pattern was end early and I added stripes. I changed color every 2 rows. I carried the colors for the textured rows up the side of my square rather than cut the yarn. This eliminated some of the ends I had to weave in.

This one will definitely need to be blocked. I pinned mine out to 12 inches and steamed it with my steamer.

I used my 5mm Furls Streamline Swirl Hook (my new favorite!) and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn.

If you want to follow my stripe pattern, this is how I did it:

Row 1-2: Linen

Row 3-4: Taupe

Row 5-6: Silver Gray

Row 7-8: Taupe

Row 9-10: Fisherman

Row 11-12: Taupe

Row: 13-14: Linen

Row 15-16: Taupe

Row 17-18: Silver Gray

Row 19: Taupe

Border: Taupe

The Pattern

CLICK HERE to see this weeks pattern on Grace and Yarn.

While you are on Stephanie’s site don’t forget to browse around and check out her super cute amigurumi patterns!

Remember I do not own the rights to any of the CAL patterns. It is up to each individual designer if they want to list the printable PDF in their shop or make a video.

Show off your Squares

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