This quilt inspired crochet blanket square was designed by Salty Pearl Crochet for the 2021 Stash Busting Crochet Along on The Unraveled Mitten

This is block #19 of our 2021 Stash Busting Crochet Along. Today’s square was designed by my friend Katie at Salty Pearl Crochet. The Quilt Block Bobble Square was inspired by the half square triangle quilting motif.

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Here is the original square made by Katie. Mine is pictured below.

Pattern Notes

If you’ve been around here for a while you know I love quilt-inspired crochet designs, so this square was right up my alley.

Sizing: This is a square that will most likely need a little blocking. My double crochet half of the square was smaller than the bobble side which is totally normal and expected. Once I blocked it, I ended up right at 12 inches.

Here’s what I did: I completed 9 rounds as written and changed round 10 to single crochets rather than doubles so it would match my other squares. This was just personal preference. Also since the front side of your square is actually the “wrong side” I did a turn before round 10 so my single crochets would be facing the front.

Katie did her bobbles a little differently than I usually do so make sure you read her instructions for that. The bobbles I made my way bobbles in round 2 did not stand out as well as the bobbles I did following Katie’s instructions in the rounds after.

I used my 5mm Furls Streamline Swirl Hook (my new favorite!) and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn.

Color Changes

Rnd 1-2: fisherman

Rnd 3: Linen

Rnd 4: taupe

Rnd 5: silver grey

Rnd 6-7: fisherman

Rnd 8: linen

Rnd 9: Silver grey

Rnd 10: taupe

The Pattern

CLICK HERE to see this week’s pattern on Salty Pearl Crochet.

Show off your Squares

I can’t wait to see your lovely squares in the group on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag me @theunraveledmitten and use #2021UnraveledCAL in your posts on Instagram. 

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