Iris Stitch Crochet tutorial | The Unraveled Mitten

This pretty crochet stitch remains one of the most popular crochet stitch tutorials here on The Unraveled Mitten! I’ve just updated this post with a brand new video tutorial for this fun stitch. 

Updated 7/2020

Here we are in the last week of our National Crochet Month Celebration! I hope you have enjoyed all the stitches so far!

If you are new here, in celebration of National Crochet Month, every Friday in March I have been sharing a new crochet stitch with you. What better way to advance our skills than to learn new stitches right?

Week 1: Offset V Stitch

Week 2: Back and Front Loop Half Double Crochet

Week 3: Trinity Stitch

Week 4: Balanced Shell Stitch

This week I had a hard time picking a stitch to share with you. I swatched quite a few of them before I settled on the Iris Stitch. This is the same stitch I used on the lace portion of the Petoskey Lace Cowl.

I would qualify this as an easy crochet stitch. If you have mastered your basic stitches and want to move on to something a little more interesting, give this one a try.

The Iris Stitch is a great one for watching TV and crocheting. There is only a one-row repeat and beyond the foundation row, all your stitches are placed in spaces and not in a stitch. I love crochet stitches like this. They are so relaxing and easy to memorize.

Iris Stitch Crochet tutorial | The Unraveled Mitten

This elegant crochet stitch would be great for a variety of different projects: blankets -why does my brain always go there first? Probably because I always wish I had the patience to make them haha – scarves, sweaters, it looks great paired with basic stitches as an accent and pretty much any other project you can dream up.


-I used Caron Simply Soft in the color Strawberry, which is a #4 worsted weight yarn
-5mm crochet hook
As always please feel free to use any yarn weight and hook combo you want!


-I use US terminology
-ch(s): chain(s)
-dc: double crochet
-st(s): stitch(es)
-sp(s): space(es)


Ch 3 counts as 1 dc

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Ch a multiple of 4 + 1, plus 2

iris stitch tutorial row 1

Row 1: (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in 5th ch from hook. *Skip 3 sts, (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in next ch. Repeat from * across until 2 chs remain. Sk 1 ch, dc in last. Turn.

iris stitch tutorial row 2

Row 2: Ch 3. Skip 2 sts. *(2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in ch 1 sp, skip 4 sts. Repeat from * across until 3 sts remain. Skip 2 sts, Dc in last. Turn

Repeat row 2 until your piece is the desired size.

That is all there is to it! Easy right?

Are you going to try this stitch?

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Iris Stitch Croche Tutorial | The Unraveled Mitten | Easy Shell Stitch | blanket | scarf | Beginner

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    1. I’m doing 2dc, ch, 2dc, ch, 2dc instead of 2dc, ch, 2dc every so often. At first it looks a little weird, but if you continue as normal the next row, it does work.

      To decrease I’m doing 1 dc in a space, and then skip it the next row.
      (There is probably a correct way to do this, but I just tried something and I like how it looks)

      Hope this helps!

  1. I am using this stitch for a shawl. My foundation rows are dbl crochet (row 1) and half dbl crochet (row 2). I started with the Iris st. on row 3. Do you have any suggestion on how I could decrease gradually?

  2. So at the beginning of this pattern it says “ch a multiple of 4 + 1, plus 2”. Does that mean to chain in multiples of 7? Or in multiples of 5 plus 2 extra stitches at the end?

  3. I am wondering how many skeins I would need for a couch blanket or I guess you’d say a throw.
    Thank you

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